Council Minutes 14th September 2017

Parish Office, Herne Mill, Mill Lane, Herne, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 7DR


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Herne & Broomfield Parish Council held at Herne Mill, Wootton Room, on Thursday 14th September 2017 at 7.30pm, for the purpose of transacting the following business.​
Present: Cllr Blatherwick, Cllr Davis, Cllr Harvey, Cllr O’Donnell, Cllr Knight, Cllr Mitchell, Cllr Saunders, Cllr Davison, Cllr Wells, Cllr Moore, Cllr Sargent and Cllr Taylor.
Not present: Cllr White.​​​​​​​​​
To receive apologies for absence and accept reasons. Cllr White who is working, reason accepted. City Cllr Sonnex.
To receive declarations of interest on items on Agenda and requests for dispensations. None.
The minutes of the meeting held on 10th August 2017, were agreed as a correct record.
To report on matters arising from the minutes, not on the agenda, for information only. None

Members of the public to identify themselves, and confirm they are resident in the parish.
Draw for 100 Club – Nos 43 & 40
Chairman’s Announcements. Cllr Blatherwick warned members to be careful with regard to locking up their properties etc. as while she was away on holiday she had been burgled and her car stolen. There had been a spate of attempted break-ins and thefts from vehicles.
Police Matters/Crime report. None. The clerk reiterated that people needed to be vigilant due to the break-ins and thefts that had occurred in the area.
Warden’s Report.
Michelle told members she had been off for two weeks so a limited report
– welfare visit to resident living with dementia ( concern for welfare )
– Meeting with KCC Early Help team to see how we can assist ( secondary school Age )
– Welfare support to resident who is fearful at night time.
– 2 x Neighbour disputes ( Acted as mediator)
– Joint visit with Housing Officer
– Referral from social services Re Self neglect. 12 wk. intervention arranged
– 2x Issues with dog fouling on Cherry Orchard. Dogs are escaping form gardens .visited addresses and advised action will be taken. Have notified Street Scene Team Leader.
– 2 x footpaths litter picked. Signage added and a request for one to be deep cleaned by Serco.

Unfortunately, the Whitstable Warden is on maternity leave and the Greenhill Warden has transferred to Highways, Michelle is the only Warden on the coast with support two days a week support from Sheerness Warden.
Please bear with her at this time and she will deal with concerns/ issues as soon as she can!
To receive reports from County Cllr Marsh & City Councillors.
County Cllr Marsh said he was looking into the Hillborough development and that there needed to be provision for a new senior school on the site. It was likely that residents from this development would go to Spires as it is the only school, at the moment, with capacity; this will increase the traffic on the Hoath road. He went on to speak about the issue raised at the last meeting by Cllr Taylor regarding the cost of bus travel for older pupils (16-18) and he said that KCC would be talking about the Freedom Pass but that he was not sure that it could go ahead due to the lack of funding. This is not a statutory obligation. Cllr Blatherwick said the Freedom Pass was introduced to encourage use of public transport to relieve the congestion on the roads. County Cllr Marsh said that they were only able to have a 2% rise in council tax and that there was not enough money to cover all they needed to do.
He will be attending the party conference in Manchester where he is hoping to talk to ministers about the various issues affecting our area. He said that there was a country wide shortage of housing, especially provision of homes by councils.
He finished by reminding all that they needed to book their tickets for the panto as they are going fast.

City Cllr Sonnex supplied a written report.
‘I had a complaint from a resident who regularly uses Curtis Wood park. There were a number of dog bins unemptied and overflowing. There were a pile of used bags littered on the floor around the bin. This was called in to Serco.
The bus shelter opposite the cemetery has been fairly well used, most times I have driven past there has been someone getting the benefit, however it has recently been badly graffittied. This was also reported. I also noticed the bus stop adjacent to Strode Park has been repaired and painted.
I was contacted by a resident who advised me Serco had failed to cut a grassy area near to Curtis Wood Park. We were unsure as to whether it was on the Serco radar or not. We contact Aiden Potts who responded very quickly and confirmed the resident was in fact correct and it had been missed. This was to be rectified.
The road closures in Herne caused some problems for residents but Stagecoach put in place a shuttle bus and whilst it was an inconvenience, everyone did their best to keep the closures as short a period as possible.
There also appears to be a number of cats in the area being in collision with cars, particularly in the School Lane area. I understand accidents do happen but would ask residents to be mindful of their speed.
I was advised a young cat had been killed in Rye Walk. It was suggested it was mauled by a dog. This is as yet officially unconfirmed. I assume this is being followed up by the relevant authorities.
I have had a number of inquiries regarding the Hillborough Development. It was wrongly advertised by CCC that it fell into Herne and Broomfield ward. Both Robert and I have redirected the queries towards the relevant ward councillor.
I wish you well and should see you next month.’

City Cllr Robert Jones just followed up on the grassed area in Curtis Wood that had not been cut, following a search of the maps it was agreed that this area should be part of the routine maintenance but for some reason it had dropped off the radar for about 5 years. This has now been rectified. The graffiti on the bus shelter and one of the green cabinets has been cleaned off. Cllr Jones spoke about the current consultation for Community Governance, he said generally people did not understand what this was, and he felt the title could be better! It could possibly result in a Town Council for Herne Bay and possibly new parish councils for some areas. If this happens it may mean boundaries will change. It did not appear, at the moment that people were engaging with the consultation. He is happy to discuss this consultation and answer any questions people have, so please contact him.
He told members that the new byelaw regarding dog owners should come into force on the 1st October, later than was originally planned, he apologised for the confusion as to when this new law would come into force. Enforcement officers will have the right to challenge people with dogs regarding poo bags, they should have two ready to use at any time.
The clerk asked Cllr Jones a question regarding the Corporate Plan which states the council will clean the streets regularly and thoroughly, whether this all streets and does this include weeds etc. on pavements? He confirmed it did and was then asked if he could organise cleaning of the pavement where the weeds were going over about half of it along Canterbury Road. He said he would ask for this to be done.
Planning & Highways Issues. Minutes of meeting held on 7th September 2017. The response on the Hillborough application has been circulated, many thanks to Cllr Blatherwick for her work on the Highways issues and to Cllr Mitchell for trolling through many pages of submitted documents. There has been another fatality on A291 just passed the First & Last, a motorcyclist. Cllr Mitchell raised the issue of the increased pavement parking. Tractors and trailers hauling maize have caused problems in and around the area, the standard of driving is poor and they are driving around the country lanes like they are on normal roads, there have been 3 accidents reported already.
To ratify payments made since last meeting. Approved Electrical £125, Betteridge & Milsom £1,494, H & B Allotments £150.
To approve payments presented at this meeting; schedule and bank reconciliation supplied. Members approved payments on the schedule.
To report on income received. VAT £4,869.48, donation flower box £125, grant £692, newsletter advertising £120, Fun Day £153.90, bank interest £8.98, loan £474,833.75, sales £18.30, allotment water £15.50, Community Centre £420, 100 club £24, fundraising for new build £25,008.10 Total £506,289.01.
Report from external auditor if received. Finally audit completed and approved, with comments about the audit form not being on the website, which was rectified as soon as the clerk realised..
VAT queries have been dealt with and payment now received from 30th September VAT returns will be monthly.
Clerk’s Report/Correspondence. There have been two community centre site meetings since last full council meeting and a meeting with the architect. The wet weather has delayed the progress slightly and work was halted yesterday and today as the crane company have cancelled work nationwide, due to the high winds forecast. Otherwise things are progressing well.
The meeting with the architect to discuss the kitchen and landscaping went well. Colours have been chosen for kitchen and other areas and the positioning of a wooden gazebo was agreed, this will be instead of a marquee type structure, and therefore permanent. It may well be possible that the gazebo could be sourced at reduced cost or perhaps gifted in exchange for advertising. Steps up to the gazebo need to be wide enough for two people to go side by side. Matt Judge will contact planning to see what they require, the gazebo would also make a lovely Santa’s Grotto at Christmas.
Hopefully the weather will be kind and let us get out of the ground and the wooden frame work in place before winter sets in.
The EK BMX club have been told that the parish council has terminated their contract and responsibility for the track will now be Broomfield Biker’s. A new contract will be drawn up for Broomfield Bikers. A new bin is required on site. The clerk told members that she had contacted Avenue Nursery, as it did not look like they were still using the wildlife area in Cherry Orchard. They have come back and said they are still using but not daily.
The clerk and Cllr Blatherwick attended an Afternoon Tea, as representatives of the Parish Council, with Elton at Strode Park on 7th September, which was a thank you for all their volunteers, helpers and fund raisers.
The HBAMP agenda was received today and there are proposals to close HB Divisional offices as more people are choosing to contact CCC by phone or online. Along with the announcement that the job centre is closing it appears that to talk to someone face to face residents from HB & Whitstable are going to have to travel to Canterbury.
CCC have a web site to report litter and flytipping. and Freephone number for Serco for both of these issues is 08000319091. City Cllr Robert Jones will also deal with any flytipping and litter issues reported to him.
The clerk will be on annual leave from 16th Sept back in the office on 3rd October. Cllr Taylor will check post and answerphone during the clerk’s absence. Michelle is doing the inspections on the ball court and at Broomfield Community Park, while the clerk is away.
Environmental Issues including Tree & Pond Warden’s Report. Cllr Davis had asked the clerk to inform the landowner of the land adjacent to the allotments that the elms needed to be looked at as they appear to be dead and could fall. There was a large branch just hanging.
Reports from council representatives on outside bodies and other organisations. None
Report on the Annual Allotment prize giving. Cllr Harvey and Cllr Davis had attended, it was well supported with about 30 people enjoying wine and food. They also had the grand opening of the toilet. The councillors presented prizes for Best plot, Best scarecrow and Best shed. All those attending were asked to vote for our grant application.
To discuss the proposal for a small 10ft container for toilets at BMX track. Also agreement for strengthening the storage container used by BMX club. Broomfield Biker Club have asked if they could put a small container on site next to ours, for use to put in a couple of toilets. They would need to be emptied on a regular basis but they would do that themselves. Members approved this in principle but would like more details as to what was to be provided. The storage container near the track is bowing on the inside due to the pressure of earth from the outside it also needs the roof reinforced. The college that repaired the start gate are prepared to carry out the work on the container. Members felt that the container should not be used until this was resolved and the clerk was asked to contact the club and convey that, repairs needed to be safe and the council needs to know exactly what is proposed to ensure this. The clerk will ask Conor from the Club to liaise with Cllr Blatherwick regarding this to get things moving while the clerk is on holiday.
To receive the minutes of Community Centre Meeting held on 31st August and discuss any issues raised. (attached). To approve Kirsty Walkers proposal for the venue for weddings. Cllr Davis asked if there were any questions regarding the minutes, and there were not.
The clerk explained that Kirsty Walker would like to include the new building on her web site for weddings, she is going to have a beach hut on the pier for weddings, but that will be for a small party and also would be seasonal. She would promote the CC for receptions and also for weddings for those who do not want a church wedding and have larger numbers of people attending. She would act as a wedding planner for the bride organising flowers, caterers etc. She would be responsible for promoting and the parish council would hire the building to her for a set cost, she would charge the client a package price which would include the hire. Weddings are usually booked well in advance so it should not impact on hiring the hall out for other things like quiz nights etc. It would not stop someone hiring the building if they were organising their own wedding either. Members approved this in principle but would like details of an agreement before approving fully. It was agreed that the parish council would hold the licence for weddings and that 4 rooms including the gazebo would be licenced. There will not be an alcohol licence for the building, anyone requiring a bar will have to get a licensee to attend. It was hoped that would help local businesses.
Update on Community Centre build. Report on monthly meeting, plus report on meeting held to discuss kitchen and landscaping of new building. The monthly meeting went well, everything is more or less on track, as stated earlier the crane has been delayed due to high winds and the wet weather did have an effect last month. The end date is currently May 2018. A meeting was held with Matt Judge, Cllr Blatherwick, Cllr Davis, the clerk and Kirsty Walker to look at landscaping of the new building and also to discuss the kitchen requirements and flooring. There was discussion about having a gazebo in the grounds, which would be good for photographs and could also be used for weddings outside. It was agreed it could easily go in the corner of the plot Chapel Row/St Martin’s View and be unobtrusive. Matt will look at designs and sound out planning. It may be possible to get one donated or at a reduced cost from a local supplier. It would need to have a roof and back as protection from the weather, it would also need steps up to it. There was a discussion about licencing for weddings as each room plus the gazebo would need to be licenced but if done at the start it is relatively cheap and last for 3 years. There was discussion on the kitchen, the clerk raised the issue of a low number of base units, and space was made to incorporate a couple more. The colour will be red and grey with a light grey vinyl on the floor. The entrance carpet will be grey. The floors in the large and main halls will be wood. It was agreed that wall colour needed to be fairly neutral and light. A large fridge freezer and freezer would be needed in the kitchen, a microwave, hob and double oven as well as a fast cycle dishwasher. It was advised that the fridges and freezers should be commercial ones.
Cllr Davis spoke about the grant that had been applied for and asked everyone to vote and ask others to vote, we needed as many votes as possible as we are up against a school. The pc has a slot allocated for Saturday 23rd inside M & S who will supply a banner, Cllr Davis asked for members to help out on the day asking people to vote, giving out leaflets. She has also ordered a data sim card so that people can vote from an iPad.
To receive minutes of E & L meeting 24th August, (attached) and discuss any issues raised. Cllr Taylor asked members if they had any questions regarding the minutes. Cllr Taylor highlighted the fact that the committee was recommending that 2018 would be the last fun day, mainly due to it being an election year, the clerk will have retired by then and it needed new blood to take it over. Cllr Taylor also gave the dates for the children’s party, the thank you tea, request for cakes and cake stands and the float. A question was asked about what work needed doing on the float, Cllr Sargent said the lights needed checking and a more substantial cover is required. The clerk reported that may be an issue regarding music on the float as Paul Parker thought he would be working and would not therefore be available to provide music. Cllr Davis told members that she had been in contact with Quex Park regarding the possibility of a Birds of Prey Display for the fun day, it is no longer possible to do these unless they have a zoo licence, which is being applied for. She will contact them again to see if they have got one.
Members Reports. Cllr Harvey reported that he had replaced the missing signs on the fitness equipment. Cllr Taylor raised the issue that the work was not progressing at 91 Mill Lane, Cllr Blatherwick said there was not much that could be done about that.
The next meeting of the parish council will be on 12th October 2017 at 7-30pm at Wootton Room Herne Mill.

Meeting closed 9.30pm