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The future of Herne Community Centre (formerly St Paul's Catholic Hall) St Martins View. More details here 

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This consultation is now closed.

Consultation report 2012.pdf


Although you may have missed the deadline for a consultation, we are always interested in your views

Herne & Broomfield Allotment Society Questionnaire.pdf 

Allotment Questionnaire


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Telephone kiosk at Bullockstone Road

 The Parish Council objected to the removal of the box and as the City Council did too, BT would have to go Ofcom for permission. The Parish Council has decided not to purchase the box at this time.

BT had a negative response nationally about their proposals to remove payphones (especially the red K6 kiosks). To counteract the bad publicity BT has come up with the 'Adopt a Kiosk' programme. This initiative allows parish councils and district councils to take over ownership of a red kiosk 'free of charge' (actually for £1) and look after it ever more (the payphone equipment is removed).

Alternatively communities can sponsor a kiosk (£500 pa) – for this BT will maintain the kiosk and keep the payphone equipment. Details of the programme are on
This initiative allows communities to retain their red phone kiosks if they so desire. In the previous consultation our parish council objected to the removal of the K6 red kiosk in Bullockstone Road.
What would you prefer the parish council to do?
1.      Adopt the kiosk and look after it for ever more without its phone equipment.
2.      Sponsor the kiosk at £500 a year from the parish precept.
3.      Accept that the kiosk will be removed.
We need to reply to BT quickly as they may start removing kiosks after 1st October. 
Print and tick your preference, add your name and address and send by post to the Parish Council Office Herne Mill, Mill Lane, Herne CT6 7DR or copy and save to your computer and email or you can telephone your response to 01227 742700 leaving your name address and preference.


Mill Lane Phone Box questionnaire.pdf 28kb

There were 10 replies to the question of removing the box. Eight were for the removal and 2 against.

Outdoor fitness equipment consultation Dec 2007 to Jan 2008.pdf 104 kb

Community Centre & Play Area Questionnaire.pdf 17kb

Public Rights of Way Consultation 69kb






If you have an interest in the future of health and social care, then Kent Adult Social Services and the NHS want to hear your views.

You are invited to attend an event at St Mary’s Parish Centre, Dieu Stone Lane, Dover,

CT16 1BY from 10.00am to 1.00pm on:


Inclusive Design & Placemaking: Supplementary Guidance

The County Council has now produced the above consultation draft and is inviting views of interested parties prior to the formal adoption of the document as Supplementary Planning Guidance to the Kent Design Guide. A copy of the statutory notice is enclosed for your information.

The document may be viewed on the County Council website and hard copies can be viewed at the KCC deposit locations including all libraries and gateways. Should you require the document in hard copy or disc format for your own purposes please use the contact details provided below.
Please note that the statutory consultation period will commence on the 28 February 2011 and will end on the 11 April 2011.
If you wish to participate in the preparation of the guidance could you please forward your comments, highlighting if possible, any specific changes you feel should be made to the text and accompanying information. An email response would be helpful if this facility is available to you. An automatic acknowledgement response will then follow.
Copies of the document can be viewed and/or downloaded from the County Council’s website at:
Representations concerning the Guidance should be made in writing or electronically to:
The Project Support Team (Inclusive Design and Placemaking), Regeneration & Economy Division, Chief Executive’s Department, KCC, 2nd floor, Invicta House, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1XX, or by email to: