October road safety campaign highlights the importance of legal tyres and insurance

October road safety campaign highlights the importance of legal tyres and insurance


Driving insured and with legal tyres are the two road safety topics under the spotlight during October.


Officers from Kent are taking part in the national campaign targeting those who drive defective vehicles or without insurance.


Roads policing teams will be on the lookout for those driving uninsured and anyone stopped without the correct paperwork will face having their vehicle seized at roadside.


Sergeant Mark Carron of the Roads Safety Team said: ‘Uninsured drivers pose a significant risk on our roads and we are dedicated to clamping down on them.


‘The consequences of uninsured drivers can be devastating with recent statistics showing that 130 people are killed on the countries roads each year by uninsured drivers.


‘We will not hesitate in taking vehicles away from those who drive without insurance and put others at risk by doing so.’


Motorists are being urged to check their cars for defects paying particular interest to tyre safety. People should check that their tyres have the correct tread, pressure and are in good condition. Sgt Carron continued: ‘It only takes a few minutes to check your tyres but could prevent an accident.


‘Tread is critical for acceleration, steering and cornering. If you place a 20p coin into the main grooves of your tyre and the outer band of the coin is obscured, then it is likely legal. If not then it could be your tyre is illegal and unsafe. It is also important to check the condition of your tyres for any bulges or cuts. If it looks warped, get it checked over by a professional.’


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