TV Licence Renewal Scam

TV Licence Renewal Scam
We have received reports from Kent residents about an email scam telling them to renew their TV licence.
How it works:
• You receive an email made to look like it’s from TV Licensing
• You are told your TV Licence needs renewing
• You are urged to click on a link to renew NOW
What to do
• Do not click on the link
• Delete this email
• Please note the TV Licensing Authority will always use the email
Visit the TV Licensing website to find out more
Reports made to Action Fraud show that fraudsters are sending out fake TV Licence emails about refunds and payment issues to scam people out of money. They will use headlines such as ‘correct your licensing information’, ‘billing information updates’ and ‘renew now’ to trick people into clicking on the link within the email.
Please warn vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours.
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