Thank you to volunteers

A message from Anne Dekker one of our ward councillors
Canterbury City Council so grateful to all those who have volunteered to help out at this time.
Almost 1,000 people have signed up to help the more vulnerable of our residents.
If you have not heard from us already (check your spam) we will be in touch very soon to let you know how we think you can play your part in this community effort.
The first set of food parcels were delivered today to the most needy.
Some of the food was paid for, by you, through our Canterbury Coronavirus Appeal which, although launched only yesterday, has already received over £6,000.
This is a fast moving situation so we cannot always tell you what your money will pay for – food. other supplies like cleaning products, nappies/baby wipes etc
or to help other voluntary organisations which may be struggling to cope with demand
Some volunteers will need expenses covering too.
We hope to keep you up to date with how your money is being spent.
Your donations will make a big difference
To donate visit;
to get help register on
to volunteer, register at
Thank you, Residents