Message from Canterbury City Council abou Green Waste Collections

We are delighted to announce that garden waste collections will resume on Monday 11 May.

Serco’s staffing numbers have now recovered to such a level that the service can be reintroduced. It had been suspended due to illness and self-isolation.

Two very important points to note:

* To start with, we will only empty one garden bin per property. This is to help us get to as many homes as possible. Please make sure lids are shut and bins are not too heavy
* There’s a lot of garden waste out there. Please bear with us as we try and catch up – your patience is appreciated

As many people will know, we had planned to begin charging for green bin collections on 1 June. This will not be happening on this date.

We do still intend to bring the charge in, as previously agreed by councillors. This could potentially be at the start of July, but this is not set in stone. More details will follow in due course. You can also sign up to receive updates on charging.

The extra black sack service is also continuing for now. We have done our absolute best, in very difficult circumstances, to collect as many of these as possible over the last week or so, recognising the pressure that some households are under with their rubbish.

Sadly, despite a sterling effort from Viridor’s crews, we were not able to get to every property. We apologise to those who put sacks out that were not collected. Be assured, we really did try.

As a result, we have reviewed the situation, and have made one key change so that we can help as many people as possible.

From tomorrow (Wednesday 6 May), please put your extra two sacks (maximum) out on black bin week only. If you put more than two out, we will only take two. Electrical items are not allowed.

If you have sacks still out, please bring them back in for now, and put them out again as outlined above.

The sacks will be collected by Viridor crews at a different time to your black bin. If your bin is done first, please do not contact Serco to report the sacks have not been taken.

If you are on a weekly sack collection, you can still put the two extra sacks out.

This ‘side waste’ arrangement is strictly temporary. It is directly linked to two things:

* The closure of the tips. We are hopeful these will reopen soon. When this happens, side waste will cease immediately
* The continuing availability of the extra Viridor crews and trucks we currently have

Nobody is saying this is a perfect situation, but we and the crews are doing all we can to make it work. Thank you for the many supportive comments and understanding over the last few days.