KCC traffic restrictions on part of the A2990 (Old) Thanet Way, Herne Bay.

A2990 (Old) Thanet Way, Herne Bay

To allow highway modifications and utility connections to be carried out for a new development, Kent County Council has made an Order to impose traffic restrictions on part of the A2990 (Old) Thanet Way, Herne Bay.

A temporary compulsory 40 mph speed limit shall be imposed on A2990 (Old) Thanet Way from the existing 40 mph / National Speed Limit signs west of Greenhill Roundabout westwards for up to 800 metres, to the extent clearly
indicated by relevant signage on site.

The speed restriction comes into force from 22 June 2020 and remains in force until completion of construction works for the entrance to a new Lidl store, with a duration currently estimated to be up to 12 weeks.
If temporary traffic signals in use result in congestion issues on Greenhill

Roundabout and the surrounding roads, westbound (London-bound) traffic on A2990 (Old) Thanet Way shall be prohibited from the roundabout junction with Greenhill Bridge Road westwards for up to 800 metres.

If the westbound closure is applied, the alternative route for through traffic is via A2990 (Old) Thanet Way, A291 Canterbury Road, A299 Thanet Way and A291 Clapham Hill and back to A2990 (Old) Thanet Way
The westbound closure, if required, is on or after 22 June for an anticipated period of up to 3 weeks as and when indicated by advance warning signs.
Eastbound traffic on A2990 (Old) Thanet Way is not affected.

The scheduled dates may vary for these works with appropriate signage on site and the works will be displayed on one.network For information regarding this closure please contact Walker Construction Ltd on 01233 423172, who will be able to assist with the scope of these works.