Information about Herne & Broomfield Parish Council

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Parish Council structure.pdf 

Positions on committees 2018

Chairman & Vice Chairman ex Officio


Finance & Resources

Cllr Andy Harvey – Chair

Cllr Louise Knight

Cllr Ann Blatherwick

Cllr Geoff Mitchell

Cllr Jennifer Taylor

Cllr Daniel McCann


Environment & Leisure Plus 1 resident

Cllr Jennifer Taylor – Chair

Cllr Kevin Saunders -Vice Chair

Cllr Ann Blatherwick

Cllr Carol Davis

Cllr Julia Davison

Cllr Ian Sargent

Cllr Liz White

Paul Parker


Planning Committee  

Cllr Ann Blatherwick – Chair

Cllr Geoff Mitchell – Vice Chair

Cllr Andy Harvey

Cllr Peter Moore

Cllr Sarah O’Donnell

Cllr Ian Sargent

Cllr Jennifer Taylor


Herne Centre Committee Plus 3 residents

Cllr Carol Davis – Chair

Cllr Ann Blatherwick

Cllr Sarah O’Donnell

Cllr Liz White

Linda White

Mabel Wright


Representatives on outside organisations etc.

KALC Canterbury Area Committee: Cllrs Knight and O’Donnell

Friends of Broomfield & Herne Ponds: Cllrs Davis and O’Donnell

Street Monitors: Cllrs Taylor and Moore

Tree warden & Pond Warden: Cllr Davis and Cllr White

Newsletter Editor: Cllr Davis

Press Officer: Cllr Davis

Web site manager: Cllr Davis

Face Book: Cllr Davis

Twitter: Cllr Davis

Allotment Society: Cllrs Moore and Harvey