Planning & Highways Committee Minutes & Reports

2019 Planning & Highways Minutes 22 August 2019 Planning & Highways Minutes 25 July 2019 Planning & Highways Minutes 20 June 2019 Planning & Highways Minutes 28 May 2019 Planning & Highways Minutes 30 April 2019 Planning & Highways Minutes 28 March 2019 Planning & Highways Minutes 7 February 2019 2018 Planning & Highways Minutes […]

Parish Council Minutes

2019 Council Minutes 12 September 2019 Council Minutes 8 August 2019 Council Minutes 11 July 2019 Council Minutes 13 June 2019 amended Annual Parish Council Minutes 9 May 2019 Council Minutes 11 April 2019 Council Minutes 14 March 2019 Council Minutes 14 February 2019 Council Minutes 10 January 2019 2018 Council Minutes 13 December 2018 […]

BE SEEN – BE SAFE – Pedestrians and cyclists in danger

Please make sure you can be seen now the dark evenings are here. There have been several near misses! Have lights on your bike and reflectors – make sure other road users can see you. If you have to walk along the road in the dark – It is very hard to see you if […]

Is your home clearly numbered or named?

All residents are asked to make sure their home is clearly numbered or named. The test is whether an Ambulance driver would be easily able to identify your house at night if there were no street lights. Apparently many of the complaints of delays to calls for an ambulance through 999, are because the homes […]

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