Parish Councillors contact details and Profiles – click on names for more information and photos
Cllr Ann Blatherwick, BSc., C.Eng., M.I.C.E., 
Ridgeway Road, Herne, CT6 7LN  
Mobile: 07957 654255

Cllr Carol Davis, 
Braggs Lane, Herne Common, CT6 7NP 

Tel: 01227 372519 
Cllr Monica Collins
Ellis Way, Broomfield, CT6 7DA
Tel: 01227 365271

Cllr Julia Davison – profile awaited
Herne Street, Herne,  CT6 7JA
Mobile: 07941 649679 
Blackburn Road, Greenhill CT6 7UT                      
Mobile: 07789 655768

Cllr Andy Harvey.
Margate Road, Broomfield, CT6 7BH 

Mobile: 07525 005766  
Cllr Linda Hill – profile awaited
Norton Avenue, Herne CT6 7TA   
Tel: 01227 283863                          
Cllr Louise Knight – profile awaited
Ridgeway Road, Herne, CT6 7LL
Tel: 01227 283347
Mill Lane, Herne, CT6 7DR
Tel: 01227 740572 

Cllr Sarah O’Donnell
Mill Lane, Herne, CT6 7DP
Tel: 01227 657533 

Cllr Ian Sargent, 

Lower Herne Road, Herne, CT6 7NH  
Mobile: 07885 156886

Cllr Kevin Saunders
Oxenden Park Drive, Herne Bay,  CT6 8UB
Tel: 01227 742807 
Bullockstone Road, Herne, CT6 7NN
Mob: 07905 167758